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A dream that changed my life.. (Hijab story)

Posted in Only for Muslim Women, Stories on June 25, 2007 by Muslimah

Before I begin this story, I want to say a brief introduction to who I was before. I never wore hijab and it never came to my mind. I was another person back then… and here is how I changed to who I am now, how my world switched to the better … this is the dream that changed my life completely…

It all began on a Wednesday morning…

It’s a normal day, like any other day… and it was time to go to sleep. Let’s say it was about 3.30 in the morning. I had a dream that came to me that removed me from the darkness and brought me to the light.

In the dream… here he was, a man covered with light but his face did not show, whispered in my ears and I still hear his voice in my head!!! He was saying “you’re going to die tomorrow”, nearly three times in a row, it’s like he’s certain that tomorrow is my day. I felt scared and shocked also! When I woke up, “Sobhan Allah” it was immediately the fajir prayer, “Allahoo Akbar”.

I ran to my father and told him somebody was talking to me and I saw him but of course he did not believe me. He said “read surat Al-Kursi and say Besmelah and return back to sleep”. The next day, my father told me lets go out but I told him I will not go out unless wearing a hijab. At that time, my dad was against the hijab and refused to let me wear it but I wore it anyway. I knew what i was doing was right and I knew someday my dad will understand me.

The day I wore the hijab… I found out that something was missing in my life and I finally found it. It was a day ill never forget! I will never forget the experience that I had and how my life had changed after wearing it. The hijab made me feel pure and special “Subhan Allah.” I do not want to remember my old life but “ilhamdulilah” Allah saved me from the darkness. People should not live as if they are going to live forever; no one knows when his day will come, only Allah Subhana Wata’ala.

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